Makeup By Precious

About Us

Precious is an International Hair and Makeup Artist, with a mixed background of English and Filipino heritage. Her love for fashion had led her eventually to her real art and passion, that being makeup. Within the first 6 months of qualifying, she was already working within the Runway Sector where she honed majority of her skills. This then branched out to Bridal, Commercial Shoots, Fashion and Motion.

Precious is very versatile but her known signature is flawless radiant skin with minimalist yet strikingly detailed eyes. The primary focus of her work centres around empowering women to see how unique and beautiful they are as themselves. With such pressurising and demanding trends in social media, Precious decided to use her talent and platform to go against the grain and focus on natural beauty whilst exploring creatively. Spreading self-love, self-awareness and embracing your individual beauty.

Edeline Lee, Thebe Magugu, Minju Kim, The Pronouce, Angus Tsui and Yeung Chin.

Vogue Runway, Vogue Hong Kong, Vogue UK, Vogue Korea, Kevyn Aucoin, Pause Magazine, Telegraph, Victoria and Albert Museum, 5’Eleven and Forbes.

Doro Phones with TV Ads Work, Feathers and Down, Miss Cicconi, Soko Kenya, Appleyard Flowers, Edeline Lee and Angus Tsui.

Playing Cards (Iaya Productions), Missing Pieces (Love Cabin Films), Towards the Stars (J Parker Film), The Magicians Garden (Bohemian Pictures), lIma (Lime Productions), Netflix Concept (Window Zebra Media), In Da Endz (Redbook Films LTD) and The Tragic Kray Bride (SE11 Films).

Look Good Feel Good (Cancer Research) and Miss Curvaceous Icons.

Charlotte Tilbury & InKey List Skincare