About Us

My love and passion for beauty was never a predictable horizon that I expected to follow. I was brought up without any knowledge around beauty and always felt overwhelmed by the industry as there were too many opinions and styles. I worked within Fashion for some time as a Visual Merchandiser and Personal Stylist…boy that was a dream come true! Always looking up to the beauty of women; the transformative and empowerment that comes through self-expression in fabric, makeup and music. What a blend!

Think about it…when you are getting ready the main focus is on the clothes that is then complimented by beauty products and application whilst listening to music for pure relaxation and playfulness. We then walk out that door full of confidence, self-worth and highly boosted that nothing can bring your mood down. However, in time I also realised that clothes and makeup can be bought but our styles, expressions and stance is a connection with your inner self in that moment.

I believe everyone is unique and beautiful, fundamentally that neither woman to woman should look identical. Magazines, social media etc, they all convince us of trends and how to copy that look. I focus on techniques, skill, knowledge and personal communication to find who you are for the rest to fall in place.

I am well known for creating healthy radiant faces with detailed eyes. I believe in products working together than layering on top of another. With Skincare, highly skilled placement of products and quality products; you are sure to be glowing and made up with just minimal layering. Even my glam looks though very striking, I do not layer the skin with endless supplies of makeup. This is how the skin gets damaged, allergies are at higher risk, harder to really cleanse the face and blocks all the pores leading to spots and irritation.

The skin is delicate and so should our makeup application be. Red carpet looks do not demand layers but skilful placements. I have been trained and qualified to do all makeup and hair in Bridal, TV and Film, Photoshoots, Asian Weddings, Theatre and now in the process of studying SFX.

With passion and creativity comes skill and knowledge. With your beauty and ideas, the work comes to life!

In just a short time of working these few years, I have been very blessed to have been recognised so early and worked with amazing designers, talents and businesses. My work has been featured on Vogue Hong Kong, Vogue UK, Mings China, Kevyn Aucoin, IMDB Accreditation of a Krays Film and more. Each experience heightens my desire to develop my skills further and learn anew. But the best part of my job is meeting incredible people and hearing inspiring stories. It’s yourselves that become the drive to continue, so I thank you for that.

Xo Precious oX